About Us

I'm a mother of four, work in the beauty industry and lead a very healthy lifestyle.  Though I do love a sneaky vino. Makes me a better mother and wife. haha 

I've spent pretty much most of my life in and around the ocean and have always enjoyed using natural products.

I decided to start My Coffee Scrub after using many different exfoliants and moisturisers.

I had heard that ground coffee worked well as an exfoliant and always opted for natural oils over creams while keeping my skin hydrated. I've always hated the fact that there are so many toxic chemicals in the products we use daily, especially those used on our children.   

It took us over 6 months to get the scrub right. I teamed up with a naturopath I met in Tasmania to source some amazing peppermint and coconut oils. 

Peppermint is naturally refreshing and coconut aroma's take me away to tropical islands. Two of my favourite things.

So here I am with a beautiful product that works really well. I would never put my name behind something I didn't believe in.

Hope you enjoy My Coffee Scrub.



Email Contact : lovemycoffeescrub@gmail.com