Why the hype with the all-natural "My Coffee Scrub"?

It's simple!

In addition to giving you a gentle exfoliation for your body that removes dead skin, coffee is rich in antioxidants, making it an awesome anti-inflammatory ingredient. The caffeine also draws out excess moisture from your skin, causing it to look and feel smoother and firmer.

Combined with other hard working ingredients - sun dried sea salt & grape seed oil - you will be in awe about how smooth and moisturised it leaves your skin.




Follow these 3 simple steps below for the best results. 

Step 1.

Jump in the shower and wet your entire body. Turn the shower off and grab your coffee scrub. 

Step 2.

Open the bag and smell the beautiful aroma. Take out a small handful of the coffee scrub.

Spread down your arm and across your whole body. Now scrub in a circular motion, two handfuls should cover your body.

If you look like you have rolled around in the mud, then you've done a good job!

You can use on your face but please avoid sensitive eye area.

Hint - the bag is able to get wet.Though to avoid this, put the scrub in a small cup or container and take inside the shower. 

Step 3.

Wash off from top to toe.

Now you skin should feel silky smooth and moisturised 

Enjoy you skin!




My Coffee Scrub will last for 6 months if stored correctly.

Please store in a cool, dry place. Below 20 degrees.  If moisture does get in the bag this may effect storage life too.




  • Please do not eat, I'm not very tasty!
  • Avoid contact with eye's. If you do get in an eye, rinse thoroughly and call a doctor if pain persists.
  • If you have sensitive skin, patch test My Coffee Scrub on a small area to make sure it's right for you.
  • Could contain nuts, big coconuts and maybe some other little nutty guys.